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ProjectX Online - Order





This Agreement has been drawn up to determine the terms and conditions applicable to your usage of the products and services presented to you by Project X LLC.

All users who purchased a product and/or obtains a service from Project X LLC shall be deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions set forth under this Agreement.

All additional updates and developments to the current products and services are also within the scope of this Agreement, and Project X LLC has the unilateral right to amend any terms and conditions of this Agreement. It is the users’ responsibility to periodically check any and all amendments and/or revisions to this Agreement. A user shall be deemed to have agreed to the amended and/or revised version of this Agreement in case such user continues to use the products and/or obtain the services provided by Project X LLC.

Breach of any of the terms and/or provisions contained herein shall grant the right for unilateral termination of the Agreement.


The user shall be of legal age as per the jurisdiction he/she resides in to duly purchase a product and/or obtain a service presented by Project X LLC.

The products and services may not be used in an unauthorized manner or for illegal purposes.

Products and services offered by Project X LLC may only be purchased using Bitcoins (BTC) and are non-refundable.
License to use ProBOT shall be purchased for one time only and such license remains valid for lifetime. Such license shall not be assigned and/or transferred to a third party.

The products and/or services shall not be used by anyone other than the user it has originally purchased/obtained such product and/or service.

Users are strictly forbidden to promote any other trading bots once they sign up on Project X webpage. Accounts of those who promote other trading bots will be temporarily suspended until Project X obtains their defensive arguments. Project X withholds the unilateral right to terminate such users’ accounts without any recourse whatsoever.

The server fees are included for the first year, you have to pay the server fees for the following years if you want to continue to use your ProBOT.



The accuracy and authenticity of the user information conveyed to Project X LLC by the users shall solely be under the responsibility of the user who has submitted such information in the first place.
Users shall fulfill their KYC (Confirmation of Personal Identity) verification within 30 (thirty) days as of their initial sign-up to Project X web site. Users failing to fulfil their KYC verification shall be unable to access any other sections in the website save for the KYC verification page.
As per the KYC requirements applicable at Project X LLC, a single user may not open up more than one account.

All texts and pictures contained at Project X website are merely for informative purposes.


Project X LLC is eligible to alter the prices of its products and/or services without notifying its users, and shall not be held liable for such alteration vis-à-vis third parties and/or its users.


Project X LLC is eligible to restrict the sale and/or quantity of the sales of its products and/or services within a pre-determined geographical area.

Project X LLC does not represent and warrant, in any way, the profitability of its products and/or services, in case it contains an interference of any kind from the user itself.


Project X LLC’s products and services are only sold through its website (http://www.projectx-online.com) with the reference of its existing users. Project X LLC shall not be held liable for any sales of products and/or services which had been concluded without using its website and/or without paying the remuneration for such products and/or services to Project X LLC.



Product Quantity Price
1 0.000 BTC
0.000 BTC